Sunday, 27 May 2012

He Wants To Make A Hole

The trouble with learning from local SEO gurus in the US is that they do not always inhabit the same world as small town UK business owners. 

Our fellow countrymen are far less likely to give up their email address for a free ebook or white paper... or even for the chance of a discount coupon to put towards their next purchase.

It's a case of experimenting and finding out what works in your local neighbourhood, as well as working out which platforms your target market are frequenting.  But the most important thing is to put yourself where your potential customers are hanging out.

A client told me recently that one of her customers had chosen to contact her because 'you and your website were everywhere that I was looking online'.  In the past, marketers used to say that it took seven exposures for a person to be ready to buy and, these days, many of those seven chances to be noticed can be on social media platforms.  But it's more than that.  You have to work out if your customers will be looking for words, pictures, videos, coupons, news... and then make sure that your business has at least something showing there.

Another customers said: "I want to be everywhere like *name of my first customer*"

And, sometimes, you just need to think out of the box.  It's all very well touting your products and services but in most cases, your target market doesn't actually know that that is what they need to solve their problem.  In many cases you have to focus on the question, not the answer.

Remember, the man who is looking on line for a drill doesn't actually want to buy a drill.

He wants to make a hole.

Just saying...

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